Wall Planters

Wall Planters

The unique natural textures of Wall planters perfectly complement the natural beauty of your hanging plants and flowers. The clean geometry of Leaf wall Planter and its wide diameter show off your flowers to their best advantage. Hand woven with sustainable materials on a sturdy wire frame and fully lined, Leaf wall Planters provide a secure and beautiful container for your plants to thrive. our Wall Planters simplifies vertical gardening for every level of gardener. The Green Gardenia Vertical Wall Planter creates beautiful green walls without professional installation or complicated irrigation systems.

Product: Wrought Wall Leaf Bracket with Bucket Planter.

Material: Wrought Iron and GI Metal.


How to Foodscape Your Landscape


One of the newest trends in vegetable gardening dates back hundreds of years. When folks didn’t have much planting space, they made the most of every inch by creating gardens filled with fruits, vegetables, culinary herbs, flowers and medicinal herbs.

Today’s foodscapes are a fresh take on those early cottage gardens. To plant your own foodscape all you have to do is combine fruits and vegetables with ornamental plantings. Here are three easy ways to start planting your foodscape this season:

1. Integrate edibles into flower beds. Simply add colorful edibles, like peppers, among the ornamentals.

2. Substitute edible plants for ornamentals. The next time you want (or need) to add a shrub to the landscape, think about shrubs with edible fruits. Serviceberry, Nanking cherry and goji berry are three that are easy to grow and provide tasty fruits.

3. Redecorate the landscape. Select an area in the landscape that needs rejuvenating and draw a plan. Mix together flowers and fruits by matching plants that have similar needs for sunlight, water and fertilizing.

When planning your foodscape, picture a practical, beautiful garden. Use color creatively and plant edibles that are both ornamental and delicious. A few of my favorites include cabbage, spinach, chard, chile peppers, eggplants, cherry tomatoes and lemon cucumbers.