About us


Many of us feel we need an expert, garden designer or style specialist in order to know what should go into our home gardens, where it should be placed and what products combinations work. Under this insecurity, we don’trealize that the person who knows best for what is good for our home gardens is US. Ourselves. We like something because we like it, not because someone tells us to like it. It’s much the same with garden decor.

Our Story

The Green Gardenia selection is one that endeavours to enrich your home garden by enhancing your personal style. We’re your second opinion and bring forth to you only what will make the cut for our own home garden.

You will not find anything & everything here – you will only find the best, curated from the anything & everything out there.

Its instinctive, reflects who we are and what makes us comfortable in our own environment.  Our own style statement if you will. Nobody else will ever be the expert of our own home garden but us. The rest is advice, knowledge, tips and ideas to pick and choose from for what suits us individually.And that’s where Green Gardenia comes in. We’re your first cut on what is out there in the market for the best quality, price and unique factor. The selection we bring out for you is what we are convinced of in those three areas. We blend pretty with practical, whimsy with personality, value with price.