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Hanging Planters

Our self-watering hanging planters and hanging pots are perfect for vibrant displays of cascading flowers. Self-watering hanging planters keep flowers lush and help minimize watering chores.

This planter includes a specially formulated granular material, called Lechuza PON, that’s made from nutrient-enriched pumice, zeolites and lava. The clean, attractive material wicks water up from the built-in reservoir to the potting mix, aerates the roots and provides your plant with nutrition.

Includes the planter, water reservoir platform, water-level indicator and enough Lechuza PON to cover the platform.

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Small things make a big difference. Our little duck in your outdoor space will always look great. Add colour and life to your outdoor space and balcony area in your home. Adorn your home with a different style that will grab the attention of all your guests with this beautiful and artisticDuck from the brand Wonderland and add more colours to your out door.

Table Top Planters

Modern and chic, these indoor planters work perfectly as centrepieces or room accents. Transform any space with this contemporary collection.

These Planters can be placed almost anywhere for a gorgeous pop of greenery. This modern planter is crack and fade proof, making it the perfect planter for even the most extreme weather conditions. Lightweight, easy to handle, and contain pre-drilled drainage holes.

Wall Planters

The unique natural textures of Wall planters perfectly complement the natural beauty of your hanging plants and flowers. The clean geometry of Woodland’s and its wide diameter show off your flowers to their best advantage. Hand woven with sustainable materials on a sturdy wire frame and fully lined, Woodland baskets provide a secure and beautiful container for your plants to thrive.

our Wall Planters simplifies vertical gardening for every level of gardener. The AquaSav Vertical Wall Planter creates beautiful green walls without professional installation or complicated irrigation systems.